To get yourself ready for winter POW and all the joy that it brings, you need to train!

How I train?

Every year during spring, summer or fall, I train my physical strength by going to the gym, or going out for 10Km runs in a forest or park. But the best way to train your body and legs, I find, is by going to the mountains already! They are beautiful without snow as with snow!

Canada - Mt. Robson Pr.Park

Once I reached the mountains:

I prepare and ask myself some questions:

  • Make a gradually intensifying physical program.
    • Start with a Low intensity hike (4Hr), light backpack, to multi-day heavy backpack hikes.
  • How is your gear ?
    • What is the condition of your shoes, your water tight pants, your backpack, Jacket...
  • Plan your hikes as you would plan your touring trips.
    • Check the weather, food, water, map/GPS, cell phone,... Gear video
  • I use a heart beat pulse watch (Shunto Vector HR) to keep track of my zones, weather and altitude.
    • Freeride skiing and skiing in general is an endurance sport, so if you train accordingly (right zones) you will enjoy your powder rips from the morning until the evening even more!

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Bart Waegeman

About Bart Waegeman

Born in 1985, raised in Belgium and alps. Started skiing when I was 3 years old. The last 2 years I started exploring outside EU. I love the mountains and nature. I studied jet aircraft engineering.